Admission Policy

Our educational goal is to train promising young people who can actively contribute to the advancement of leading-edge fields of engineering, including aeronautics and astronautics, and drive their development, and significantly contribute to the progress and development of human communities—based on a solid academic foundation and highly-developed intellectual, practical, and creative abilities that enable them to freely apply their knowledge.

In other words, we aim to produce technical specialists with strong self-motivation who have a clear vision of the direction they want to progress in, and the pioneering spirit and courage to face uncertain challenges, as well as the creativity and leadership to deal flexibly with the multifarious aspects of society, based on a strong will and the ability to execute, backed up with a broad, deep, specialist knowledge of the fundamentals of engineering.

More than ever, therefore, the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics will pursue cutting-edge and interdisciplinary fundamental research within an international context. At the same time, the department will accept a wider diversity of students, including mature-age students, overseas students, and students from other graduate schools, courses, departments, and universities.