In the 21st century, astronautics, as well as aeronautics, is one of the greatest frontier in science and engineering. Thus, as leading-edge and wide-ranging engineering fields, aeronautics and astronautics require the most advanced technologies in a variety of engineering fields.

In fields relevant to aeronautics and astronautics there is a continuous need for innovative and highly reliable advanced technology, to solve a diversity of extremely challenging engineering problems in the harsh and unknown environments of aero-space vehicles.

In view of this, the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics assign the highest priority on fundamental research not only limited to aeronautics and astronautics but also aimed at opening up advanced engineering for new possibilities. In the educational program, we stress the fundamentals, and strive to nurture promising researchers and engineers who are equipped with a strong technical grounding and the thinking ability and practical skills required to enable them to apply their knowledge freely.

Furthermore, we implement this approach to research and education with a broad perspective and a strong focus on international exchange.