Propulsion Engineering

The current research areas are as follows :

  1. Physics and chemistry of reactive gases and plasmas and their applications
  2. Gas- and plasma-surface interactions and their applications
  3. Advanced plasma processing technology (etching, deposition, etc.
  4. Advanced plasma and ion sources
  5. Dynamics of charged particle beams
  6. Plasma and ion thrusters
  7. Micro- and nano-technology

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Academic Staff


江利口先生の写真Professor (Graduate School of Engineering)

Research Topics

  1. Plasma science and technology
  2. Engineering application to process
  3. Device designs


Room b3S16, Bldg C3, Katsura Campus
TEL: +81-75-383-3786

Super Air Gasdynamics Laboratory, Faculty of Engineering, Uji Campus
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